• Robert Kabel


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    Robert Kabel returns to the Board after serving as Chairman, and founding Liberty Education Forum in 2001. Mr. Kabel recently retired from the international law and consulting firm of Faegre Baker Daniels, and currently serves as the National Committeeman for the District of Columbia Republican Party. He previously served as a special assistant to President Reagan, and as a member of President George W. Bush’s Presidential Advisory Council on HIV-AIDS. Mr. Kabel states “I am pleased to rejoin and lead the LCR board with so many accomplished and dedicated board members and excellent staff.  Log Cabin’s accomplishments over the past forty years have been remarkable but there is more to do and I am happy to be part of LCR’s efforts.”

  • Jill Homan

    Vice Chairman

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    Jill Homan is the Republican National Committeewoman for Washington, DC. She serves on the Executive Committee for the Republican National Committee and as a board member of the League of Republican Women in DC. Formerly, she served on the eight-member Site Selection Committee for the 2016 and 2020 Republican National Conventions.

  • Ernest Olivas


  • Jerry Katlin


  • Charles T. Moran

    Managing Director & National Spokesman

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    Charles T. Moran – a native of Los Angeles – is a political & non-profit fundraising professional with 14 years of experience working on campaigns and initiatives from local races to presidential-level events. He works extensively on both coasts with clients of all sizes to develop and execute fundraising and public affairs programs.
    Charles earned a B.A. in Politics from Occidental College in Los Angeles, and his Masters of Public Policy (MPP) from Pepperdine University in Malibu.  He is a member of the American Association of Political Consultants, winning a “40 under 40” award in 2017, and is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council. Charles is an Associate Fellow for Inclusive Governance at the Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy in Washington, DC.
  • Maritza F Bolano

  • Leonard Olds

    Chairman Emeritus

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    Leonard Olds’ activism with Log Cabin Republicans began in 1982 when he helped start the Log Cabin Republicans of Orange County California Chapter, then in 1991 he founded the Log Cabin Republicans of Riverside County Chapter. Olds served continually as President of LCR Riverside from 1991-2005 and is still a member. He is a continuing Board member of both the Log Cabin Republicans National organization and our sister think tank Liberty Education Forum. He served as an appointee of Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger on the California Council for the Humanities from 2007-2010.

    Leonard and his partner of 43 years Hugh Rouse began a Foundation at the University of Minnesota Library for the support of the GLBT archives several years ago. They now house the original and ongoing collection of Log Cabin Republicans papers and publications.

  • Stephen Gale

  • Jamie Ensley

    Immediate Past Chairman

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    Jamie Ensley joined the Log Cabin National Board in 2008, and is now the organization’s Immediate Past Chairman. He also serves as President of Georgia Log Cabin Republicans, Board Treasurer for Georgia Equality, and Campaign Treasurer for Georgia State Representative Mike Jacobs.

    In 2010, Jamie was the second witness during the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) trial held in Federal Court in Riverside, California. Federal Court Judge Virginia Philips ruled that DADT was unconstitutional, and in the court’s final opinion, it stated that “Mr. Ensley’s testimony was both candid and credible”. This court victory was the catalyst that finally influenced Congress to repeal DADT. Also in 2010, Ensley was honored to serve as one of the Grand Marshals for Atlanta Pride’s 40th Anniversary Celebration.

    Jamie is the Immediate Past Chairman of the Atlanta Dogwood Festival, the nation’s 3rd oldest and largest arts and music festival with an estimated 300,000 attendees annually.

    Jamie was a Senior SBA/USDA Business Development Officer with Evolve Bank and Trust, and is now a Decatur City Executive at Cornerstone Bank.. He is an Atlanta native, but was raised in the mountains of North Georgia. He holds a B.S. in Economics from Louisiana State University.

  • John Herrick

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    John Herrick joined the Log Cabin Republicans National Board in 2002 after joining the Board of Directors of LCR’s sister think tank Liberty Education Forum in 1999 (where he still serves as Secretary).

    Mr. Herrick spent 33 years with General Mills, Inc., retiring in 1987. He held several positions in the United States, England, and Canada. His final position was Chairman, President and CEO of General Mills Canada. Following retirement, Herrick served as COO of Borden & Elliott, a large Toronto law firm. He holds a degree in Business from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota and currently serves on the board of their law school. He was named Distinguished Alumnus of St. Thomas in 1984. Mr. Herrick served in the U.S. Air Force from 1954-1957.

    Mr. Herrick was a founding member of the Young Republicans in Kankakee, Illinois and was elected Township Auditor in 1960.

    He resides in West Palm Beach, Florida.

  • Daniel E. Innis

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    Daniel E. Innis, is Professor of Marketing and Hospitality Management at the University of New Hampshire.  He is the former Dean of the UNH’s Peter T. Paul College of Business, and he was the driving force behind the new Peter T. Paul College building, a $50 million project that resulted in a state-of-the-art business building at the University of New Hampshire.  Professor Innis is co-author of the book Strategic Planning for Logistics, his papers have appeared in numerous academic journals, and he has made many presentations at professional conferences and meetings.  He has also consulted with several Fortune 500 firms in the areas of distribution, channel management, and buyer behavior.  Professor Innis earned his Ph.D. in marketing and logistics with a minor in consumer behavior from The Ohio State University in 1991.  He lives in Portsmouth, NH with his husband, Doug Palardy.

  • Frank Ricchiazzi

  • Hugh Rouse

  • Rebecca Schiff

  • Richard Tisei

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    Mr. Tisei is a realtor and owner of Northrup Associates located in Lynnfield, Massachusetts. He served as a State Senator for 26 years, ultimately becoming the Senate Minority Leader, during which time he fought for balanced budgets and opposed tax increases. He was the 2010 GOP nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts running alongside the current Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker, as well as the Republican nominee for the United States House of Representatives in the 6th Congressional district of Massachusetts in 2012 and 2014. The son of a father who suffered from ALS and the brother of a sister who is disabled, Richard has also earned a reputation as a steadfast advocate for the disabled, senior citizens, children, and the LGBT community. He married his longtime partner Bernie Starr in 2013.

  • Ed Williams

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    Mr. Williams is a member of the Nevada Advisory Committee for the US Commission on Civil Rights, the current President of Log Cabin Republicans of Nevada, and an elected representative of the Clark County and Nevada Republican Central Committees.

    During his tenure, both the Clark County Republican Party and the Nevada Republican Party removed opposition to same-sex marriage from their platforms. In 2015, Mr. Williams was elected Chairman of the Clark County Republican Party and is the first openly-gay party chairman to serve in Nevada.

    Mr. Williams was most recently elected to the National Board of Directors of Log Cabin Republicans, the nation’s original and largest organization representing gay conservatives and their allies.

    In the private sector, Mr. Williams was Chief Technology Officer of American Web for 18 years. During the explosive growth of the Internet, his responsibilities included serving as webmaster of the California Lottery and IT Director at the 2004 RNC Convention in New York.

    Mr. Williams has since sold his interest in the company and moved to fabulous Las Vegas. He now provides “virtual CTO” expertise to companies and organizations wanting to grow and succeed in the modern information economy.

  • Ashley Korb

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    Ashley Korb is a partner at SCR & Associates, a Boston-based political and philanthropic fundraising firm.  Prior to joining SCR & Associates, she served as the Finance Director of Richard Tisei’s two congressional campaigns and campaign for Lt. Governor of Massachusetts in 2010. Previously, Ashley worked on national housing policy in Washington, DC at the Urban Land Institute and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

    Ashley is a proud graduate of Tufts University where she majored in Political Science.  She lives in New Hampshire with her wife.

  • Michael Baker

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    Michael’s political involvement started back in 1990 when he was elected to the Montgomery County, MD Republican Central Committee.  He also was a candidate for the House of Delegates in the State of Maryland.  Michael moved back to his home in the Great State of Texas where he helped restart the Houston Log Cabin Republican Chapter.  While serving as Chapter President, he helped form the Texas LCR Board where he currently is the Texas Log Cabin Republicans Chairman.
    Michael also served on Congressman Ted Poe Academy Selection Committee before the Congressman retired. He served as Vice Chair for Republican Texas Senate District 13 Caucus.
  • Rob Jordan

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    Rob Jordan is a longtime successful Senior Sales Executive at Blue Cross Blue Shield who graduated from Cardinal O’Hara High School in Delaware County, Pennsylvania and earned a degree in Economics from Villanova University.

    Rob is President of the Log Cabin Republicans of Philadelphia, local Events Chair and elected GOP Committeeman, and board of director of the Catholic Philopatrian Society which raises funds and awards scholarships for needful young people across the region.

    Rob plays for year round Stonewall athletic leagues including volleyball, bowling and kickball and enjoys attending his nieces’ and nephews’ many sporting events.  He also loves to travel and take his family and friends on worldwide trips including tours of the Grand Canyon, California state parks, Ireland and England.

About the Board of Directors

The National Board of Directors is the chief governing body of the national Log Cabin Republicans, representing the interests of the organization’s members and constituents. The Board of Directors has the responsibility to ensure the success of the organization through the approval of an annual budget, setting policy, and providing support, input, guidance, oversight and expertise, including voting on endorsements of federal candidates for House, Senate, and President.

Board members serve three-year terms and are expected sit on various Board committees, dependent upon their expertise, skill-sets, and interest levels. These committees will develop policies, review goals, and administer strategic objectives that directly impact the Log Cabin Republicans mission. It is expected that Directors are active and participatory, not just in meetings, but also as representatives of the Log Cabin Republicans in their local communities.

Prospective board members should expect to attend three meetings throughout the course of the year, and to contribute significantly to the financial well-being of the organization. There are also interim discussions and meetings held via email and conference call that occur on an as-needed basis, no less than once a quarter between in-person meetings.